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Crazyball (Jezzball) More Info Free Download Buy Now
Jezzball If you have played Jezzball for PC then you are already familiar with the game. Crazyball is rated as a Good Palm game. Rated 5 star at Palmgear, Handango and Tucows and is one of the TOP 50 most downloaded game at Palmgear Trap the furiously moving crazyballs in the smallest possible chamber. Simple and easy concept but highly addictive. Just tap anywhere to create a wall. Playing is easy but mastering it requires lots of practice. Building tubes and one direction tunnel are some of the strategies used and required to play at higher level. Can you imagine your screen with over 50 crazyballs furiously bouncing around with each other, the time is ticking and you have no place to TAP!
Check out what users have to say:

"20-Oct-01 by Jim D This game is crazy fun! AND! It works on my Handera 330! Thats kind of a rare thing. The Jog dial on the device replaces the need to use the up and down buttons so game play is even more playable. fun fun fun...

01-May-01 by Joshua Truppman This game is that it is out of beta i am in aw of all the new features and already registered....great game!

30-Apr-01 by Danny H. Newport After playing this game, I couldn't wait till it came out in the final release and now that it has, I registered it. Plays just like jezzball and the color is great! Thanks for the cool game....Danny"

  • Super Fast and Fluid animation
  • Dazzling and bright Colors
  • Terrific sound effects
  • Sound Effects Turn On/Off
  • Music Turn On/Off
  • Speed Control
  • AutoSave
  • AutoPause
  • HighScores
  • 49 Levels
  • Productivity measurement feature allows to measure your decline in productivity

Playing the Game
The object of CrazyBall is to trap Crazy balls in the smallest possible regions. You make the regions smaller with the wallbuilder. Watch the Crazy balls closely. The challenge is to gauge enough time to anchor your wall on both sides of the region before it is struck by a ball. If only one side of your wall anchors before being hit by an ball, a partial wall is left behind but the cost is one life. You advance to the next level when the walls you build reduce the region by at least 75 percent. If you reduce the region more than 75 percent, you are awarded extra points.
Each time you advance a level, an additional Crazy ball is placed in the region. The more balls you work with, the higher your points. Each Second you save,higher is your Time Bonus, Each Life you save, higher is your Life bonus, Each extra percent for covered region scores you higher Percent Bonus. There is a time limit for each game level in CrazyBall. The more balls at play in the capture region, the more time you are allotted for trapping them. The countdown clock is shown in the upper-right corner of the screen. The top score Indicator bar has all intuitive columns.

S:F/S is for Speed, F stands for fast, and S-> Slow. You can toggle the speed by tapping over this speed region. You can change speed for the current level only if the area( A%) covered is less than 15%. Once it crosses 15% the speed control freezes, so you should be alert and quick to change the speed to Fast for maximum scoring.
A% for area covered, (Watch this closely for speed manipulation)
L for lives,
Lvl for level,
T for time left in seconds
And the last is the wall builder indicator.
You can toggle the wall builder by tapping on it or by pressing up or down arrow keys.

Note: You can pause a game just by invoking the menu bar from the Graffiti area.